Tiring sport

One very hot day the fox wanted to go water-skiing. But he didn’t have a boat. He thougt: “My friend, the shark, can pull me!” So he went to the sea. He was lucky: The shark was near the beach. The fox shouted: “Hey, shark, do you want to pull me?!
He answered: “Yes, of course!” Then he took the rope and pulled. And the fox had a happy time. He went on his water skis and the shark pulled. “Faster, faster!” he shouted.
After some time the shark was tired. He swam slower and slower. Suddenly he stopped. “What is the matter with you?” the fox asked. “It is a tiring job to pull you!” he answered. “Look, there is Island, and we started at Newsealand! That’s very far!” The fox said: “There is a ship. We can try to stop it and we can drive home on it!” the shark said. “No, no! YOU have to pull me now, or I eat you!” Now the fox had to pull him, because he didn’t want to live in the stomeache from the shark, from Island to Newsealand. Silly fox! Because he couldn’t swim so fast like the shark, he needed hundretandeleven days for the trip. After this trip he hated water-skiing.